Mavericks Field House Untamed 30

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6 Week Program:

30 Full body Workouts, designed to Build Strength, Endurance and Shred Fat!! 

 Each Workout will have 2 sections

Main Lift - Strength

Finisher- Time to Sweat

Each day will have a video provided to demo the Finisher Movements and if you still have questions on a movement, you can Direct message me for those Answers. 

Sample Session

Main Lift

A. x 5


10 x Seesaw Bent Over Rows

5 x Dbl Front Squat 

:30 Tall or High Plank

1 min Rest


B.Complete 20-16-12-8-4 (Total Reps) at each Movement

- Hand to Hand or Alternating Single Kettlebell Swing

- Goblet Alternating Reverse Lunge

- Push ups

Equipment and Knowledge needed

- One pair of kettlebells and one heavier Bell.

- A basic understanding of the swing, clean, squat, snatch, snatch and press.


Looking Forward to hearing about your Day 1!!


Coach Maverick

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